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Low Carb Road Trip Snacks

Summer is almost here, people! Let’s cue up the crazy road trips without the crazy road trip weight gain with low carb road trip snacks. With a little planning and a few convenience store options, these low carb road trip snacks will have you looking and feeling your best when you arrive at your destination.

Straight away I will tell you that I have never seen vegetables in a convenience store, am terrified of sugar free candy, and avoid the dried out, over-cooked hot dogs because eew. But, beyond that, Pete from Pete Is Loosing It, has given me some great ideas that I am road tripping with this summer.

Tip Time!

To make absolutely, positively sure I will not run as if my hair is on fire over to the candy bar aisle, I’ve split Pete’s list into two: a snack prep list and a snacks-on-the-fly list. The former, I’ll make and pack in a car caddy ahead of our departure. The latter is to save me from myself when I grow bored with my pre-packed snacks.

Celery stuffed with cream cheese or peanut butter is crunchy, salty, and tasty.

Snack Prep List:

  • Cheese sticks
  • Celery stuffed with peanut butter or cream cheese and crushed walnuts (my kid and car friendly version of veggies and dip. I cringe to think what would happen if I gave my four-year-old veggies and dip to eat in a moving vehicle. I’d be cleaning ranch out of every nook and cranny for months.)
  • Cleaned and prepped strawberries or grapes (no peel, no mess)
  • Boiled eggs – this is one for the “no kids” folks. Trust me, boiled eggs are one of my son’s and my favorite snacks, but you should see what he can do with a hardboiled yoke. Picture yoke crumbles covering every flat surface, and you’re close to the mess that would cover the backseat.
  • Sparking Water
I cannot wait to use this car caddy and organizer this summer. It’s tall enough for the boy to reach from his carseat, keeps cold stuff cold, and has a seatbelt attachment to keep it steady if I decide to drive like a maniac.

Snacks-on-the-fly List: All the links in this list are links to my tried and true favorite pre-packaged snacks.

  • Nuts – watch the calorie count here, nuts can be bonkers on the calorie count
  • Pork Rinds – be careful with the sodium levels of these tasty treats. Nothing will make your legs and feet swell more on a long sit than a sodium sucker punch
  • Jerky & Sausages – again, watch the calorie, sodium, and sugar counts on these. Always check the nutrition label to make sure what you are eating is within your calorie allowance and that it isn’t too high in sodium and added sugars
  • Sparkling Water

So, what if you are the “we only stop for bathroom breaks” kind of road tripper? What do you do then? Plan and pack accordingly. Each of the above items can be purchased at virtually any convenience store or grocery store or online and delivered. Pack everything up plus a few bottles of sparking water and get to getting.

Happy eating (on the road), my friends!