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Zero Carb Casserole – Make Ahead Breakfast or Lunch

This zero carb casserole is perfect for breakfast or lunch. Made with only three ingredients (four, if you count the butter to coat the baking dish), it is easy and tasty and has become a regular entry on my make ahead meal preparation. Watch below for instructions.

Let’s talk ingredients.

Dr. Paul uses the following to prepare his casserole, which serves eight:

  • 3 pounds ground beef
  • 2 pounds cheddar cheese
  • 12 organic eggs
  • butter to coat pan

Dr. Paul uses full fat options for each ingredient, but does mention in the video that lower fat swaps are just fine. Thank the lord for that, because I cannot imagine what eating the full fat version of this casserole would do to me. Major crash. Couch time cometh. Ow, my stomach hurts.

So, I swap the full fat ground beef to lean beef, reducing the fat and saturated fat content significantly. I also swap half of the full fat cheese for low-fat cheese. Lastly, I use cooking spray rather than butter. It may only reduce the caloric load a little, but this swap also reduces the fat content.

Where’s the seasoning?

I was wondering the same thing! Dr. Paul does not mention seasoning, but I’m Southern. We require seasoning. So, before baking I add a dash or two of black pepper. I always wait until after it cooks to taste test before sprinkling on a dash of salt. The cheddar cheese is naturally salty, so I don’t want to over salt, rendering the zero card casserole inedible and my face droopy from hunger.Remember, you can always add salt, but you cannot take it away.

Why I love this zero carb casserole recipe:

  • Versatility – A sensible portion of this dish is perfect for lunch or breakfast and provides a powerful punch of protein to energize my day. Pair this casserole with low carb tortillas or fruit if your diet requires carbohydrates. Also, with this basic recipe, I can change up the flavor with seasoning or add chopped veggies, but that will up the carbohydrate value.
  • Make ahead option – On Sunday afternoon, I mix up one of these zero carb casseroles, bake it off, then package in freezer safe, microwave safe storage containers for reheating and enjoying later in the week or month.

Which baking dish should I use?

I find that crustless egg dishes cook best in a glass baking dish. The glass dish with help keep the bottom and sides from burning. (Burnt eggs are truly disgusting). I have used my Pyrex for nearly 15 years now and crustless quiches, frittatas, and this zero carb casserole always come out perfectly.

Happy eating, my friends!