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Low Carb St. Patrick’s Day Feast

Convinced that St. Patrick’s Day is all about green beer and potatoes? Not so! I am so ready for my low carb St. Patrick’s Day feast that I don’t know if I can wait until March 17th.

My low carb St. Patrick’s Day menu:

  • Instant Pot Corned beef brisket
  • Low carb fried cabbage and bacon
  • Cloud bread with Irish butter
  • Sugar free cheesecake

Hungry yet? If not, these recipe videos will get you there. First up, corned beef brisket.

Of course, I love how easy this recipe is in the whole set-it-and-forget-it kind of way, but I also love that while my brisket is doing its thing, I can prepare the rest of the feast. And, I won’t have to stress and race around the kitchen trying to manage a gazillion bubbling pots at one time.

For more on cooking with an Instant Pot, check out my kitchen essentials here, especially if you are like I was: TERRIFIED OF PRESSURE COOKERS!

So, once the brisket is in the Instant Pot, start your mini cheesecakes. Low Carb Yum provides this tasty recipe for us.

I prefer to serve these tasty low carb cheesecakes in my Bellemain 4 oz. Porcelain Ramekins. The portion size is perfect and the white is such a clean, fresh look—quite appetizing! (I also love how easily these stack in my cabinet compared to some of my other ramekins.)

While you are waiting for the cheesecake filling to chill out in the fridge, start your cloud bread.

So, ever since I started a Diabetic Exchange Diet and, therefore, began my low carb life, I’ve seen posts on cloud bread. I assumed anything this tasty looking would be a pain to make. Holy moly, was I wrong! This recipe from Sugar Free Mom shows just how easy cloud bread is. And, because I don’t own a stand mixer, I was thrilled to see I can make these with my hand mixer. (The video shows a stand mixer to bring the egg whites to stiff peaks but a hand mixer will do this also.)

Once your cloud bread is in the oven, slice your cabbage, then grab a beer or a glass of wine and hang out for a bit. This fried cabbage cooks up quickly, so you really won’t need to get it in the pan until the corned beef is resting. Check out the video below from The Keto King to see just how easy this recipe comes together. (I’m not sure why the man in this video doesn’t core his cabbage, but I always do. I find it much easier to slice if that big, hard core isn’t in the way.)

This low carb fried cabbage and bacon is so delicious and pairs perfectly with corned beef. Of course, I try to eat unprocessed foods, so I use pork bacon and omit the olive oil. Turning a turkey into bacon takes too much processing for me.

Tip Time!

Tip #1: Non-alcoholic beer works just fine in the corned beef or omit the beer altogether.

Tip #2: Make sure to trim the fat back off the corned beef before you slice it. This is essential when it comes to leftovers as that fat will congeal into a nasty fat blob when cold.

Tip #3: Make extra cloud bread. Your guests will devour it.

Tip #4: If you like your cabbage a little tangy like I do, add a couple of splashes of white wine vinegar to the pan at the end of cooking, then turn the heat up to high. Stir constantly to keep the cabbage from burning while the vinegar burns off. The acid in the vinegar will punch up the flavor of the cabbage, adding a tangy sweetness to this tasty dish.

So, what are you waiting for? Throw on that green apron, kiss a leprechaun, and start cooking.

Happy eating, my friends!