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Low Carb Shrimp and Grits – Springtime on the Gulf Coast

To me, springtime on the Gulf Coast demands a pier on the water, cold beer, and a bowl of shrimp and grits. But, grits are super high in carbs. So, how would shrimp and grits ever be low carb and, therefore, on my “can eat” list? Cauliflower! Thanks to and the magic of cauliflower, I’m having low carb shrimp and grits.

Ingredients for LOW CARB SHRIMP AND GRITS (Makes 3 servings)

  • 1 lb. fresh shrimp, peeled and deveined (He uses 16/20 shrimp, which indicates the number of shrimp per pound)
  • 1 lb. frozen cauliflower florets
  • 4 oz. diced pancetta or bacon
  • 1 diced shallot, or 2 Tbsp. diced onion
  • 1 Tbsp. minced garlic
  • 1/2 c. chopped scallions
  • 4 oz. shredded smoked gouda cheese
  • 3 Tbsp. heavy whipping cream
  • 3 Tbsp. butter
  • squeeze of lemon
  • salt & pepper, to taste

Nutritional Info (per serving)

  • Calories: 484
  • Fat: 28.4g
  • Protein: 32.6g
  • Total Carbs: 11.6g
  • Fiber: 3.5g
  • Net Carbs: 8.1g

Can we take a moment and celebrate the fact that this recipe is not only low carb, but also relatively low in calories? Thank you, Lawd!

Tip time!

Tip #1: Either leave the tails on your shrimp when you clean and peel them or purchase tail-on, peeled and deveined shrimp. The bit of tail that is left on each shrimp will help it hold its shape and size while cooking.

Tip #2: Rather than regular salt and pepper, try using Tony’s Chachere’s Creole Seasoning. I think shrimp and grits should always have Tony’s on it. This spicy seasoned salt adds the perfect amount of kick and zing to this dish.

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Now that I’m hungry, it’s time for me to hit my local market for fresh shrimp and cauliflower. And a frosty libation.

Happy eating, my friends!