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Low carb mug cake three ways

Low carb mug cakes play a big role in my low-carb, diabetic-friendly life. I try to eat within a diabetic exchange diet every day. That doesn’t leave much room to satisfy my sweet tooth. And, yes, after two and a half years of following this diet, I still have a voracious sweet tooth. Anyone who says sugar cravings will subside eventually needs to stop spreading that ugly lie. So, when I just can’t ignore the sugar beast any longer, I make a low carb mug cake.

If you are craving something sweet, but do not want to put forth any real effort (you’re me all day every day), my first low carb mug cake is for you.

Low carb peanut butter mug cake by Lil Piece of My Heart

Recipe for the Lil Carb Peanut Butter Mug Cake– Serves 1

Okay, here is the real real. This is a low carb mug cake, not a low cal mug cake. Peanut butter is calorie dense. So, if you’re low carb and low cal, this is definitely a cheat day treat. Here is the nutritional rundown for 1 mug:

  • 385 Calories
  • 17 grams Protein
  • 5.5grams net carbs

Keto chocolate cake in a mug by

The ingredients list:

Nutritional rundown:

  • 405 calories
  • 5.86 grams net carbs
  • 12.31 grams protein

Lil Carb Poppyseed Mug Cake from Lil Piece of Heart

Ingredients list for Lil Carb Poppyseed Mug Cake

Nutritional rundown (Per 1 mug)

  • Calories: 245
  • Net Carbs: 4g
  • Protein: 7g

Oh, low carb mug cake, how I love thee. Let me count the ways:

#1: No-brainer portion (and self) control. Each recipe makes a single-serving cake. That means eating the entire cake isn’t a reason to seek out group therapy, unlike that urge that tells me to sit on the kitchen floor and devour an entire chocolate sheet cake while threatening to knife anyone who takes said cake away.

#2: One mug clean up. Okay, you’ll also have to throw the measuring spoons and maybe a whisk in the dishwasher, too, but come on. It’s a cake made in one mug! Have you seen what make-an-entire-cake baking does to my kitchen? (Of course you haven’t. That would be super weird.) We’re talking flour everywhere, batter splattered on walls, every mixing, measuring, and spreading whatchamacallit I own piled in the sink. Heaven forbid I make a red velvet cake. Then we’re talking full on crime scene.

#3: Low carb mug cakes are best when warm. Try not to eat the low carb mug cake right out of the microwave because that would be crazy painful with all the burning. But, wait a couple of minutes until it is cool enough to handle, and you are in for quite a treat.

Tip time!

Tip #1: Mix everything (right in the mug) really well for about 45 seconds until a batter forms. If you don’t, you may end up with bits of scrambled egg in your cake. Eww.

Tip #2: Microwave for about 1 minute to 1 minute 20 seconds. Make sure to watch and check your cake because microwave cooking times vary from machine to machine.

Tip #3: Allow to cool for about a minute or you will burn your fingers and mouth to Christmas and back.

Tip #4: Fill the mug with batter to about halfway full. The cake needs room to rise.

Happy eating, my friends!