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Diabetic-Friendly Friday night pizza that won’t ruin your healthy week

By the end of the work week, I’m exhausted. Yeah, yeah, who isn’t? So, Friday night is typically pizza night in my house followed by hate-myself-Saturday. But, I don’t feel a bit guilty eating this low calorie, low carb, and diabetic-friendly Friday night pizza.

In this video, Tova from shows us her diabetic-friendly take on pizza. Between her choice of toppings and use of a 7″ low carb tortilla as the crust, you will not believe the nutritional information for this tasty, easy pizza. So, watch the video then scroll down for topping suggestions.

Can you believe how easy-peasy that was?

And, thank you, Tova, for not demonstrating yet another cauliflower crust pizza. I apparently have no skills or luck with riced cauliflower. And, not all diabetic-friendly Friday night pizza has to be made with cauliflower!

Nutritional Information Recap:

  • 128 Calories
  • 5 grams of fat
  • 13 grams of protein
  • 12 grams of carbohydrate
  • 7 grams of fiber

Truth time.

If I ate only one of these personal pizzas, I would ravage my pantry like a deranged raccoon an hour later. I need between 350 and 500 calories per meal, so 128 isn’t going to cut it. But, two for lunch today was perfect. Time to talk toppings!

No matter which toppings I choose, I always start with a thin layer (thinner than Tova used on the video) of sliced tomatoes, a dusting of oregano, and a pinch of salt. That way I do not miss traditional pizza sauce which is loaded with added sugar and sodium. (The hubs said he preferred the sliced tomatoes to sauce! Success!) Then, I add any of the following to my pizza to keep it diabetic-friendly while upping the caloric value:

  • shredded chicken – 80 calories for 1/3 cup
  • olives – 21 calories for 5 small, sliced olives
  • artichoke hearts – 14 calories each
  • Canadian bacon – 40 calories for three thin slices
  • spinach – 8 calories in one cup raw
  • Bell peppers – 13 calories for 1/2 medium pepper
  • Diced or sliced onions – 5 calories for way more onion than you’ll need
  • turkey sausage – 70 calories for 2 oz
  • feta cheese – 70 calories for 1 oz
  • Small sliced pepperoni – 70 calories for 7 slices

Recipe Review:

For four pizzas with tomato, cheese, mushrooms, and oregano, prep time was five minutes. I did lay my tomato slices on a paper towel first so that my tortilla crust would not become soggy. Tova was right in the amount of cheese for each pizza. The small amount she uses in the video was plenty, which was surprising. After building my pizzas, they went in the oven at 425 as instructed for eight minutes. After eight minutes, all four crusts were a lovely golden brown. The pizzas on the top rack had a soft, but not soggy center. The bottom rack pizzas had awesomely crispy crusts—just the way I like it! (But, ovens vary, so keep watch over these babies.)

Tortilla pizza with red peppers and pesto

Tip time!

Tip #1: Slice and chop your vegetables earlier in the week, so when you arrive home for dinner, exhausted and tempted to dial up Dominoes, you won’t. Your pizzas will be in and out of the oven in way under “Thirty minutes or less!”

Top #2: Because the tortillas are slick and the toppings have nothing to cling to except that slick tortilla, the toppings will slide off if you’re not careful. I suggest the New York fold. It keeps your toppings in place and makes you feel like your eating a New York style slice.

What I love about these pizzas even more than the super easy prep work and short cooking time is that after I ate, I did not suffer from that overly full, bloated feeling that comes with traditional pizza. I actually got stuff done after lunch rather than answering the call of the couch, “Come on, Baby, lay down for just a little while. You deserve it.” No, thank you, Mr. Couch. I’m good to go.

Happy eating, my friends!