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Low-Carb Vanilla Cookie Recipe


Keto Chewy Sugar Cookies | Low-Carb Vanilla Cookie Recipe


This is an UPDATED recipe from keto sugar cookie recipe I published about this time last year. I hate it when keto cookie recipes turn out dry and crumbly, so these were a very pleasant change from that norm. These are soft and chewy, but can also get a bit crispy on the edges if you bake them longer.
*For the crunchy flat type of sugar cookie that you can roll out and cut out with cookie cutters, lower the temperature to 300F, make sure the dough is fully chilled before rolling out, and bake for a minimum of 15 minutes.

***NOTE: The ingredient quantities in the video and on the website are all for a FULL recipe, but I only filmed a half-recipe, meaning that the quantities you see written will make DOUBLE the amount of cookies shown (15 cookies for a full recipe).

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