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Which Beans Are Good for Diabetics ?


Which Beans Are Good for Diabetics ?

Beans or legumes are considered low-glycemic index foods. The glycemic index orders food by how they affect a person’s blood sugar level. High glycemic scores are digested quicker and cause a spike in blood sugar, which is often followed by a quick drop in blood sugar levels. Low foods are digested slowly and raise your blood sugar slowly.

Foods like white rice, watermelon and boiled red potatoes with skin are considered high on the index and have a score of 70 or up, according to the Mayo Clinic. Examples of low-glycemic foods include grapefruits, skim milk, raw carrots and apples, all of which receive a score of 55 and under. Medium foods, which score in the 56 to 69 range, include sweet corn, bananas and certain types of ice cream.
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